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Tao-hsin asked Hui-k`:
    "Pray show me the way to deliverance."
    "Who has ever put you in bondage?"
    "If so," said the master, "why should you ask for deliverance?"

Please SEND ME Suggestions, poems, or news others would find informing and I promise I will post it with full credit to you

(June 28th, 2000)
-- Umn, lots has happened, as i've abandoned this site yet another time
-- Got a solid (for me) 650 on my SAT II in bio. Also got my grades (3 B's 3A's) and my schedule for next year (it's horrible as of right now, but i'm going in to change that crap.
-- Started my foothill classes this week (principles of business @ 8am (till 10:20), pre-calc @ 10:30 (till 12:40) on M,T,W,R, and UNIX administration on saturdays (9am till sometime into the afternoon).
-- Bons and Jon are away on vacation :-( but at least school is over. Just figured that out, ya, finals were kinda stressful, but i had a nice distraction while doing final projects at 3am.
-- Update more later, I work 10 hour weeks now, as well, on top of school, so i'm busy like a bee.
-- I'm going swing dancing for the third time this friday (at StarLite (second time consequetively). It's lotsa fun, you should come too! (and laugh at me). (June 4th, 2000)
-- Well, it's been ages since the last update, and my head hurts to much of the things that happened, so here's what's goin' to happen in the near future
-- SAT II's were yesterday, Bio part was ok.
-- I got hit by a car on the 22nd, while riding my new bike
-- Saw "Holy Grail" @ Jon's house tonite, that was cool.
-- 1984 Cliff Notes up at MISC
-- Finals start next friday, and continue on for monday and tuesday, but when school gets out, it's party time!
(May 12th, 2000)
-- Posted the Pictures page today, has a few, somewhat recent pics of my friends and I, more to come soon, promise you that.
-- I'm goin to Great America for the day tommorow, which sucks because it's gonna be crowded like crazy, but at least I'm gonna be there (which i haven't been in almost two years)
-- Saw "The Meaning Of Life," very enlightening indeed ("Can we have your liver?")
(May 9th, 2000)
-- Well, I have managed to sink to new lows in abandoning this website, so congrats to me on that one!
-- I went to my school's Sadie's a while ago, and have some pics from that which I think I just might post
-- I have officially quit going on AIM, cold turkey (it is the second day, now)
-- I was supposed to get an award at the LAHS Awards Night, but instead got to get up and take a bow, cuz someone managed to screw up on my name, and mine alone (a conspiracy, I tell you) [award was for being an outstanding student in French2, proud of me?]
-- I'm still working, got a C in Trig, and a B in Data Structs + Algorithms, so I'm taking a little break from classes at foothill
-- Saw U-571 with a couple of my buds, that's right, no girls would join us :-(
-- I receieved an email that contained a new poem in it, the person faked their return address, so I s'pose they wanteed to remain anonymous. Posted on Open Mic or go straight to anonymous.txt
(February 26th, 2000)
-- Stayed up the whole nite, thanx to lots of time and will to do useless things, This new Sparkling Mineral Water, and Craisins! (the sweetest thing!)
-- Ok, so where's this website going? I've been writing up some stuff that i won't post untill I finish (if I ever do finish that is)
-- So i'm working on my I-Search right now, that's about it
(February 19th, 2000)
-- Added Cliffs to Harper Lee's To Kill A mocking Bird a while ago. go to the MISC section.
-- umn, just hope everyone feels better, cuz it sucks to be sick, like I am right now.
-- Just put up a new quote thing, hope you all like it, cuz it's a zen story I found on the net.
(February 12th, 2000)
-- Well, so much has happened in almost a month!
-- I went to Sequoia Winter Formal, had lotsa fun! here's a PICTURE of me and my date Lizzy (thankee kindly, Lizzy!)
-- Got my report card (all As and a B, AWESOME!)
-- Haven't lost my job yet! :)
-- Started writing down some memories from my childhood... I smell some poems comming up!
-- Taking 2 classes at foothill (trying trig one more time) and am actually succeeding in both!
-- Started meditating a lil while ago, just trying it out for now, hoping i'll get more serious... (this is progress towards my crazy idea of following Zen Buddhism)
-- Making myself sound like i'm on top of the world. So that's it for now
(January 20th, 2000)
-- Everyone enjoy the last lunar eclipse of the century & millenium
-- I got a job, so I'm really excited about that (@ a small start-up internet company)
(January 10th, 2000)
-- Well, after listening to H-Beach I want to urge all you Californian voters out there to register to vote, and vote NO ON Prop 22
-- OMG! true horror i want to inform you of: Time Warner & AOL agreed on a merger! Another sad, sad day indeed!
-- My moods have been as stable as the NASDAQ lately, so I'll just cross my fingers for a better day for everyone on this monday morning, have a good one.
(January 9th, 2000)
-- Well, well well. Got kicked off the comp last nite by my dad, so i never finished updating, doing it right now
-- Added the XMAS Presents to the side and the main pages.
-- Well, a good few minutes later, i've redone almost all of the color schemes into a solid one
-- A little bit later then 24 hours since last update, i'm at it again (1:36)
-- Added 2 new heroes
-- Added the FUNNIEST thing i've ever seen to the links (it's the Matrix Parody )
(January 8th, 2000)
-- Added a Hero (out of the blue) k, enough, time to sleep, been up since 4:40am on the 7th
-- Forgot to close a center, so this page looked funky for a few mins, all better now (also fixed some ancient typos that used to be further down on this page [the months])
-- Spent a lil more time then I originally expected on the reuping of the pages, so it's 1:11AM and i got rid of the 'fancies' on the frames side, they pissed me off
-- Well, still bored, as always, took the picutres (hopefully all of them, let me now) that were realted to the holiday season. Anyway, been messing around with this here linux box. I'm such a horrible newbie. I waste SOOOO much time beating arround the bush, doing stuff that's completely useless over and over again. No poems for now, but it's only 0:37AM right now, so the night's still young.
(January 1st, 2000)
-- Well, this is a really big bummer! no lights out, no chaos, not even a natural disaster to end all natural disasters! ack, oh well, here comes another one :-)
(December 31st)
-- now that it's the 31, i can wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year!
-- I'll be at home, looking on as the world ends **grin**
(December 30th)
-- Well, as you may know, I recently went to Novato, so I wrote about the trip in the Junk
-- On the way there, I wrote an addition to Again...

-- Thanks to Jen for helping my lazy-arse w/ spelling :)
-- Posted the stuff i got for X-MAS
(December 22nd)
-- Got a new quote for ya, check it up at the top
-- been sprinkling some holiday pics around, just to get ya'll into the spirit.
-- Tripod's been pissing me off w/ their technical difficulties, so i don't get to update as often as i want
(December 19th)
-- Well, I screwed up! someone needed emergency cliff notes a week ago, and i didn't get to it till today :-(
-- From now on, put three pounds (###) in the begging of the subject line in all the e-mails that you send to me (even tho it's a very rare occasion)
-- Still procrastinating with the decorations
(December 15th)
-- Two more days!
-- Decorations go up this weekend, too tired right now (but do note the new door on the start page!) :P
(December 14th)
-- Hey! 14 used to be my lucky number! :)
-- Well, I'd like to take a moment of silence to let us all remember the life and the works of a great writer and philosopher.
Heller died of a heart attack Sunday night at his home in East Hampton, New York, according to his wife, Valerie. He was 76.
-- It is a sad, sad day indeed, as if the end to the legacy of Catch-22 wasn't enough, the "Peanuts" series is getting retired after the Christmas. **sigh** so, this is the last Christmas for Charlie Brown.
(December 12th)
-- New Poem at The Open Mic by one of my friends, Reyna. (found it by accident @ so it HAS to be good! go check it out.
-- With that excitement out of the way, it's time for me to go back to writing a boring ass essay. **blasts up the speakers** (Thank GOD for
(December 11th)
-- Added a link to the PoetGurl Magazine Go check it out, it's cool!
(December 9th)
-- Been messing around w/ the fonts (arial makes small fonts look neater) so a lotta stuff is arial now (underlined links are also gone on the main pages (dunno if u noticed)
-- @ Foothill right now, have a 2 and a half hour final, and then im done till January 3rd (but the world's gonna end anyway, so not to worry :) )
-- Renaming Lessons... into Junk, "My Heros" are new up on there right now.
(December 5th)
-- Original purpose escapes me, but for better or worse, here's the lastest word I'm stuck on BRILLIANT!
-- School tommorow! :-(
(December 2nd)
-- My Connection's back up! WOOHOO!
-- Been tinkering w/ lil stuff all day (colors on the front page for example)
(later on Nov 27th)
-- Well, I made all the font on the pages a lot smaller, makes it look a lil better, and a lil neater. Some other minor things.
(November 27th)
-- Day after the day after Thanksgiving DAY!!! So happy belated turkey day!
-- Made the left frame a lil smaller, it looked awkward, a lil better now
-- Gonna do some more fine tuning, maybe upload something cool too
(November 20th)
-- k, getting carried away with the font size reduction, doing it left and right now!
-- Reduced the font size on this page, MIGHT look a lil better
-- Poems Section up, read description on main page
-- Jen's being anal about my typos, i hafta go fix em now, just GREAT! (j/k jen)
-- I just could help myself but update again! just noticed that I'm over 600 hits, half of which are prolly me, and the other half are my friends checking back throughtout the period of 4 months, not bad! :)
(November 19th)
-- 11:56pm FOUR NEW POEMS AT "AGAIN..." go me! (well, i've actually been lazy to post em for the last 2 months but... ya know)
-- BTW: the trip to my fav. SEQUOIA HIGH was awesome! Saw so many old friends and buddies!
(November 11th)
-- Just sitting here, in the FootHill lab, bored outta my mind, decided to update
-- I'm going back to my old high school for the day tommorow. So let all your Sequoian friends know ahead of time to conceal themselves from.....well,to put it in simple terms, ME!
-- Happy, now belated, birthday to my dad again!
(November 4th)
-- Peggy, A good ole friend, sent a poem in to the Open Mic! GO! ......NOW! (I only wish she'd contact me again, i can't reply to the address she sent this from :-( )
(October 30th)
-- YES! Cliff Notes ARE up For All Quiet On The Western Front at the School Misc Section
(October 29th)
-- I'm at school right now, Advertising the page, hehe, The Misc section will have All Quiet Cliffs Tonight! promise you! (grooving to Dr. Evil's "Just The Two Of Us" right now!
(September 19th)
-- Revised the Prologue at "AGAIN..."
(September 11th)
-- "one week" by Nate Moss has made it's way to the Open Mic section, go there...NOW!
(August 25th)
-- Well, after a bit of a delay, I posted another part of "Again..."
-- School starts tommorow, expect a lot of dipressing work :) hehe
(August 13th)
-- Well, it's Friday the Thirteenth, another day that's been spooked by the bible. :-(
-- Here's my latest creation, that will have it's own section from now on, I call it, Again... I know there are a lot of typos, and such in there, but I'm not gonna go check thru for that, i think the meaning is more important, to me anyway. This, what i hope will become big enough to be called a book, is my way of reaching out to myself, and to people i know. Hopefully, most of the people i know will be in there, but i won't force it, so sorry if my brain doesn't happen to drift your way while i write.
(July 25th)
-- Finally posted my favorite poem, at the L33T Section, "Sunflower Sutra" by Allen Ginsberg
-- I know I promised to write, and post more of my own poems, and to just improve this website constantly, but EVERYONE knows how I never follow thru, so, I won't promise anything anymore. But this is partially because noone is showing any intrest in the website
(July 1st)
-- Guess what, Lord of the Flies and Pride and Prejudice Cliff Notes have been added to the School Misc. section.
(June 25th)
-- (1:15 AM) Just added the Links page, one on there so far. I'm willing to link to anything, although I'll try to keep it somewhat poetry related. You can go to one of the Open Mic poet's pages from there right now, so GO!
(June 24th)
-- (more info at the School Misc)I will post summer reading cliff notes and/or full text if anyone out there needs it, just send me the book title and author, and i'll see what I can do
-- I bought a very neat book a few weeks back,(The Portable Beat Reader) and I've been reading a few more of the Beats, then usual. So, without further procracinaton (VOCAB WORD, :) good for me, huh) L33T Section is updated with Allen Ginsberg's "Song"
-- Turns out "cooliochica" is on of my buddies, and she was emberassed of her poems, then she read mine, compared 'em, and decided that I should take MY name of of them :) j/k. So go check out Ruth's poems at the Open Mic: again for the first time.
-- Rather old news, but I forgot about it, Tranquil Snow Globe and An Insomniac's View Of The World got published in my school's 3 AS Freshman English Classes' Anthology. Not to brag, just want people to read em, cuz they're at the bottom of the Open Mic Ok, so SOME bragging was involved
(June 21st)
-- Open Mic will soon get more attention, as I publish many of my poems from the last few months
-- In the meantime, check out "THE BIRTH OF APHRODITE" by MacMolen at the Open Mic
(June 13th)
-- 2 WONDERFUL poems by cooliochica at the Open Mic ("teen pride" and "history repeating")
-- Please welcome cooliochica, a new poet at the Open Mic!
-- I took off the ugly useless banners
(June 8th)
-- It's my birthday today!! well, school is almost over, so i'm going to start updating the page regularly again. Hope all of my buddies come over here, and check it out
(May 27th)
-- I started my first rant on the "Lessons Learnt The Hard Wa-eEeH!" page, go check it out, more later
(May 17th)
-- School Section was updated with Romeo and Juliet stuff
-- A nice new poem at the Open Mic so go check that out
-- No new L33T section update for last week, i've been busy
(May 11th)
-- Lessons Learnt The Hard Wa-eEeh! is a new section, not too poetical, features a weekly "Rude Person"
(May 9th)
-- Changed the layout a bit, tell me what you think(if you do that sort of thing)
-- New poem at The L33T Section: Week Of May 9th: "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" (Francis William Bourdillon)
(May 2nd)
-- Added The School Section. Go There for help with school related stuff. (Tale Of Two Cities stuff right now)
-- The First Graphics on the page is a mic at The Open Mic PLEASEmail me if you think it's too big
-- New poem at The L33T Section: Week Of May 2nd: "That Time of Year" (William Shakespeare)
(May 1st)
-- The Basement has been open for a month now! WOW! I hope I can keep it up
-- Added a parody to The Sunscreen Song on it's page (just scroll down)
-- Happy National Labor Day! (it's a commie thing) :)
-- New quote of the month (Up top in BLUE) (perhaps it's forshadowing something)

Old News
-- Everybody's Free lyrics -- The L33T Section is added -- Added the guestbook
-- Future Plans: I'm going to make an L33T section soon, and add another poem by a famous poet every week or so, this is something you can submit as well.
-- No one is sending in suggestions, so I think I'm going to open up, and tell all my friends about this, so poeple would suggest stuff to me
-- Read Of The Month: Ishamel: An Adventure Of The Spirit And The Mind by Daniel Quinn. READ THIS BOOK!! If you live in the SF bay area, and don't want to buy one, I'll try to let you borrow my copy. This book is for those of us who care to save the world, for it isn't ours, and we've messed it up enough now, TIME TO CLEAN UP, folks.

Those of you who have been on my previous webpages, know that I like to have Phrases of the month and such, well, this page will be no different so here is this first phrase:

My respect for you is the only thing you can take away.
-- Paul Ivanov
The Apathetics Convention has been cancelled due to disinterest.

"Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the
price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!
I know not what course others may take, but as for me,
give me liberty, or give me death! " - Patrick Henry

Please bear with me

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